‘I had two C-sections’

"My traumatic vaginal birth had resulted in a lifelong disability for my perfect little boy."

My C- section story- I had no options but to have a caesarean section for my 2nd
My 1st pregnancy was perfect until labour started. I was induced only to find out that my baby was going to be born vaginally at 9 pounds and 7 ounces. Doable......? Yes, that’s exactly wat I thought until my baby boy’s shoulder got stuck behind my pelvic bone (Shoulder Dystocia). Unfortunately it seems no one recognised this as they were more concerned with his low heart rate and inability to breathe. With a few forceful pulls from the registrar, my baby was out. Unknown to anyone in the room, the traumatic birth had resulting in the nerves in his neck being pulled out of his spinal cord resulting in a paralysed arm (Erbs Palsy). My traumatic vaginal birth had resulted in a lifelong disability for my perfect little boy.

I had no options but to have a C – section for my 2nd child as the risks of another shoulder dystocia was too high. Booked in and ready to go, I was soooo fearful. I mean this was deep abdominal surgery that came without its risks, but these were risks I was willing to take to avoid injury to my 2nd baby boy. The needle went in for my spinal block and I was placed back on the table where the operation began. The surgeon was a young black lady who looked as though she had just left university. I couldn’t believe she was going to perform this operation….laying on the table I prayed. 
The feeling was soooo strange…..like nothing I had ever experienced. No feelings in the legs all the way up to the bottom of my lungs….but before I knew it, baby boy was here…..safe and sound at 8 pounds and 9 ounces, with no damaged arms. After 30min I was closed and ready to go into recovery and discharged the following day. Over the next 2 weeks pain was managed very well with paracetamol and the wound healed perfectly. I administered my anticoagulant injection every day to avoid blood clots and stay stayed active. Without 1 complication my c- section was a complete success from beginning to end, so I did it again with my 3rd. 
I couldn’t be happier with my choices.

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